JCPVotes 2020 Initiative Urges Associates and Customers to Make Their Voices Heard

At JCPenney, we are empowering our associates to make a difference in communities across the country this election season. Through our JCPVotes 2020 initiative, we’re raising awareness regarding the importance of the right to vote and providing our associates with flexible work schedules on election day, Nov. 3, to ensure they’re able to head to the polls.

To get prepared, we recommend, a “one-stop-shop” for election-related information, which allows visitors to:

  • Make sure they’re registered
    • Check voter registration status and verify information is correct
    • Review their state’s voter registration deadline (many states require registration by Oct. 1, 2020)
  • Find out what’s on the ballot

Once the registration and ballot research are complete, can also help associates decide how and when they want to vote:

  • By mail
    • Check eligibility and deadlines for mail-in and absentee voting
    • Notably, 36 of 50 states have opened mail-in voting options this year and added the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic as a valid “excuse” for mail-in voting eligibility
  • In-person
    • Explore early voting options
    • Find polling places
    • Plan for extra time – allow two to three hours if voting in person on Nov. 3

In addition, JCPenney has registered with Time to Vote, joining more than 700 other retailers to publicly pledge our support and encouragement for all associates to exercise their right to vote. Led by the business community, Time to Vote is a nonpartisan movement working to create the culture shift needed to increase voter participation in our country’s elections. As part of our participation in Time to Vote, we’ve committed to providing our associates with work flexibility and access to reliable and accurate voting information.

We’ve also created a Voter Resource Guide by state, which associates may print and share with others who may not have internet access.

JCPenney is proud to promote and support the democratic process, as we encourage all associates and customers to register and vote. Remember, your vote makes a difference!