Meet the Leader: Laurie Wilson, Chief Supply Chain Officer and SVP of Planning & Allocation and Pricing

JCPenney is proud to celebrate and support the women across our Company. From supply chain to logistics and management, we see women like Laurie Wilson – chief supply chain officer and senior vice president over planning & allocation and pricing – making their mark.

“Being a woman in supply chain is really cool,” said Laurie Wilson, Chief Supply Chain Officer. “In supply chain, we have a lot of unique female leaders making a difference and leading facilities. It’s all very impressive and it speaks to the possibilities at JCPenney.”

An avid skier and instructor, Laurie breaks the barrier both in a historically male-dominated industry and out on the slopes. In 2022, Laurie Wilson stepped into the role of chief supply chain officer, while continuing to lead pricing, planning and allocation as an SVP.

“When I first took over supply chain, one of my priorities was to visit all 9 facilities across the country and meet our fantastic associates who run them,” Laurie said. “From packing and unpacking orders and merchandise to moving it through our facilities, it’s a very large and sophisticated network.”

Leading up to her role at JCPenney, Laurie believes it was her curiosity and willingness to learn about multiple areas of business that inspired her career path.

“If you’re curious and willing to learn, you really can do anything. I had no idea what I wanted to do after my college graduation, but I knew I liked fashion. I got into law school and thought, I don’t think I really want to do this; besides, fashion sounds a lot more fun. I feel very fortunate to be working in the fashion space. I’ve been in buying and merchandising, a little bit of product development and every kind of planning: corporate, merchandise, location, and strategy. I even started my own consulting business!”

Laurie admits she has experienced many challenges in her three years at JCPenney but says it’s all part of this exciting chapter of transition, growth, and opportunity for the Company.

“The opportunity to turnaround an iconic brand like JCPenney doesn’t come around often,” said Laurie. “When the pandemic hit, we saw a huge shift that drove so many of our daily experiences to an online format. It required us to be a lot more flexible and to always expect the unexpected. I’m honored to have been a part of JCPenney’s adaptation during that time and look forward to continuing to support our turnaround in the coming years. Our leadership team has the right blend of experience and newness that will accomplish great things, especially as we continue to navigate our transformation journey.”

JCPenney is thrilled to have Laurie leading and developing strategies that ultimately enhance Company growth. For more information on supply chain, planning & allocation and pricing you can contact